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A Guide to Seeing
Things Differently

When organizations are focused on what already exists they have a hard time seeing what lies just beyond. And yet, the most valuable opportunities are often found in the white space.

The Purple Crayon is a consulting practice that helps leaders and their teams establish new perspectives in order to see pathways to value more clearly.


Discover a Practical

At the core of The Purple Crayon is "practical imagination" — a novel method of inquiry and ideation that helps explore value-creation within organizations. Practical imagination emerges from three groups of attributes traditionally considered opposing forces, that become mutually supportive when employed simultaneously.

The Purple Crayon

1. Open-Mindedness +

Most challenges have a number of possible solutions. An open mind identifies a host of potential options, then a careful focus considers the tradeoffs so that the right choice can be pursued with confidence.

2. Logic + Creativity

Organizations chase defined outcomes according to specific success metrics. But novel solutions require a creative spark. Structure plus spark means the difference between standing still and moving forward

3. Precise Language +
Universal Themes

You can only answer the questions you ask. But what if you’re asking the wrong questions? Describing opportunities in detail creates the power to do something about them. And realizing that most situations are actually variations on universal themes relieves pressure that stifles action.


Reach for
a Crayon

When productive thinking has stalled and solutions seem out of reach. When strategic initiatives seem nebulous and taking the next step requires developing a plan with clarity. When you need to draw new lines in order to find your way forward. These are some common scenarios where having a crayon can be helpful:

  • Retooling existing services or operations to spur growth
  • Considering an expansion, partnership, or joint venture
  • Creating a compelling pitch in order to raise capital
  • Developing a marketing or brand strategy
  • Bringing a new product to market

Modest Praise

As a trusted sounding board on matters from executive leadership to strategic marketing initiatives, Nick’s ability to understand the big picture of our business and create actionable insights has proven to be extremely valuable. The partnership between New World Diamonds and Purple Crayon continues to evolve based on the brand and business needs which is the perfect formula for a start-up.

Jacques Panis CEO, New World Diamonds

Modest Praise

Nick stepped in at the beginning and immediately created an impact, defining our consumer and building our go to market strategy. His perspective and outlook is fresh and thoughtful, always doubling back on our core mission.

Travis Harrison COO, Pleasantrees

Modest Praise

The two most successful films of my life, ones that I have built my career off of, were the result of Nick ushering a complex set of my creative ideas into a cohesive and achievable narrative.

His direct and effective creative meetings are rich with thoughtful and thought provoking guidance that somehow brings my brain to a place where I can achieve a more mature version of what ever I’m working on. He’s a sounding board made of oak.

Stephen McGee Emmy Award Winning Filmmaker


Drawn From

Servicing clients globally out of Princeton, New Jersey, Nick Perold is an executive leader, marketer, and brand builder with experience that spans a diverse portfolio from direct-to-consumer startups to heritage luxury brands, and from commercial real estate to international airlines.

Nick was formerly the head of marketing for Bedrock, Detroit's largest commercial real estate company and the development firm at the heart of downtown Detroit's resurgence. While at Bedrock Nick rebranded the company, launched and ran an award-winning magazine about Detroit, and built an in-house creative agency. Prior to joining Bedrock, Nick was Vice President of Strategic Development at VICE Media's digital agency, Carrot Creative, where he led media platform partnerships and strategy for major accounts such as Rolex, Shinola, and All Nippon Airways.

Over the years Nick's work has received top accolades from industry associations such as the Shorty Awards, Telly Awards, Davey Awards, and Content Marketing Awards.

The Solutions Are in
the White Space

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